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Dental Assistant

Meet Fern

Fern, one of the valued dental assistants at Belgrade Family Dental, has found her passion in dentistry, having worked in the field for about a year. Her particular joy lies in making patients feel comfortable and cared for during their treatments.

Fern's educational background is in plant biology, earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in 2015. She spent seven years working with plants before deciding to shift her focus to working with people. Currently, Fern is taking classes with the goal of applying to dental hygiene school, showcasing her commitment to professional growth in the dental field.

In her leisure time, Fern enjoys immersing herself in nature, savoring live music, cultivating friendships, exploring fashion, and engaging in various forms of movement. Her activities include skiing, dance, rollerblading, and bike riding, reflecting her diverse interests and vibrant approach to life.

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